• Sergio Viula about being Gay in Rio de Janeiro

    Being Gay in Rio de Janeiro

    Contributed by Sergio Viula Rio de Janeiro has been considered one of the friendliest cities in the world. I reckon it really is, although there is a lot of social injustice, including homophobia here and there. One of the main sources of hate speech is the fundamentalist wing, especially the evangelical one. However, we keep on fighting prejudice and I’m glad to say that our present Governor, Mr. Sergio Cabral, and our Mayor, Mr. Eduardo Paes, have both launched some […]

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  • Madonna wanted for gay propaganda Russia

    Madonna faces a court hearing after last years gay “propaganda” as the Russian officials like to call it. She handed out items with gay related texts and spoke out on behalf of the LGBT’s in Russia.

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  • Arrests Russia

    A video posted by eva caushi on Youtube showing the 6 people who are being arrested.

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  • Update; first reactions

    Update; first reactions

    So far the first reactions have been amazing. So many people reacted positively and agreed on contributing. If you replied to me and you didn’t hear anything yet, no worries you’re on my list I will contact you as soon as possible. Firstly, I’m setting up some examples of the content that needs to be created. This will make it easier for others to contribute so they know what is needed. Keep on checking this website the next few weeks […]

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  • Kirsten

    Welcome and help us grow!

    Hi, I’m Kirsten and I started this website to create an overview of what it is like to be gay around the globe. To give an overview of what is happening I will ask people to send me video material and/or give me their contact info so I can share their content on a central website. Also if you want to participate in any other way do contact me. Eventually the website will consist out of videos, blogposts, pictures and […]

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